Some experiments in kite aerial photography. These images were shot from a camera rigged to a radio control servo from a model airplane, and attached to a large kite. The images were taken at Fort DeSoto, an old fort in the Tampa Bay area. In the first two, you can see the groups of cannon stationed at Fort DeSoto to protect Tampa Bay from naval assault. Click any image for a larger version.

I have an old Apple //c monitor--a 9" green-and-black monochrome monitor---that, for reasons I can't begin to guess at, has a video-in jack on the back. That means it's possible to attach a VCR or DVD player to the monitor; the result is a weird, low-resolution black and green image.

My digital camera has a video-out jack. This is what you get when you attach my digital camera to the monitor--a low-res, high-contrast, green and black image. I haven't decided how I'm going to use this effect yet, but it's too cool not to use for something! Click the image to see a larger version.