Jesus Drives

Sean Casey - Volume I Issue 2

Jesus drives a red Mustang convertible GT with a/c and bucket seats and he rides along with a couple friends down a highway with a permanent sunset and a song on the radio with a perfect beat that matches the teeth of his friends whose hair is always just right and the stars are always almost about to shine like the headlights reflecting off the steel and the chrome of the cars and the buildings jutting up out of the void of land laid out before them while cruising up the road with no limits to the tank of gas so just floor the accelerator and go so you never stop breathing the air as the wind rushes by and people point and stare and wonder why they are walking when life should be a free ride but life was never fair in the first place and who asked you anyway 'cause it's my delusion and if I dream in color and you dream in black and white it doesn't mean life mimics art and why ask why when you can tune in and fade out and be left feeling empty but filled and lonely in a room full of people.

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