There are links scattered throughout the Xero site, so in some ways adding a "Links" page might be a little redundant. But there is so much stuff out there that's just plain cool, and there's only so many links we can put in other places.

Note: This legacy page is no longer actively updated. The links here may or may not work.

These are some of the coolest places on the Web.

Design Is Kinky: It's's's a...well, it's a really cool design page. Check it out, see for yourself!

The Onion: The Onion is a parody newspaper, filled with news articles and exposes about, say, senator Strom Thurmond found dangling in a dominatrix's dungeon...

The Arthouse Underground: A site of original poetry, animation, music, and high weirdness. Operated by Bob Zark, who may well be the king of underground literary oddities.

SuperBad: Hard to say what this site is. It's cool, though, in a techno-art kind of way. You can explore here forever, and still find new neat stuff.

Shakespearean Insult Generator: Extracts insults from the plays of the Great Bard. I love Shakespeare!

Jodi: Chaos in Web design. The most brilliant piece of cyberpunk Web design on the planet.

Nerve Magazine: Literate, highbrow smut. Articles and photography about sex.

Bulwer-Lytton: "It was a dark and stormy night..." Annual Bad Opening Lines for Novels contest.

The Ministry of Whimsey: Small-press and underground publisher; they produced Stepan Chapman's book "The Troika," and they're trying to take over the earth, as well. One of the most interesting Web sites out there. A sprawling, complex, witty, funny, and insightful commentary on culture. Includes such gems as the Gallery of Regrettable Food and more.

everything2: This site is an experiment in hyperreality. It's a free-form, collective web of ideas and concepts. Browsing through this site is addictive and intellectually stimulating; you can get lost here for days.

Movie a Minute: Miss a movie you wanted to see? Get the complete plot in a half-dozen words!

The Complaint Letter Generator: A Web site that automatically generates complaint letters. Key in a person's name or an organization (eg, Microsoft), and the program will rant about your chosen target.

Project EUNUCH: Take an old 486 computer, a freezer, a LOT of alcohol (some of which is used for coolant), and you too can overclock a 486 to 247 MHZ before it melts!

Apple Fritter: Man, Apple fanatics do the damndest things to their computers...

The Register: Excellent site reporting on the news in the computer industry without hype or puffery, and with humor.

The Foresight Institute: Nonprofit research center for nanotechnology. It doesn't get more cutting-edge than this.

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