Volume I Issue 4

My Dog robert burns

after i heard that her daughter had beaten her and left
i said
maybe you should be wary of
how you react to people when they say something
you don't like.

the phone rang in my hotel room
she said
your dog woke me up licking my goddamn face
get your ass over here
and pick this thing up

but getting that dog was your idea
i tell her
then you got me caught up
in picking up after it

get your ass over here
or i'll have it killed

she still calls me nights

let me speak to bobby
she screams at my girlfriend
put him on the phone

he's sleeping
she says
you'll have to call him at work

listen to me she says
you know he wants me back
he spoke to me
he said, ardel, i need to speak with you about things
about how i feel when you call me at night
what do you think of that you whore
you dog haters!

i guess he wants you back
she says and hangs up
then she turns to me and says
your ex just called


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