Welcome to Franklin's Sex and Mad Science Pages

I am a bit of a mad scientist (well, mad engineer, really). Among the many things I do is inventing all manner of high-tech programmable sex toys.

I've blogged about some of the things I've created, but decided that some of my experiments warrant a more permanent home. Here you can find out about the sex toy hacking I've done.

I have long been interested in the intersection of sex and technology, two things that we humans happen to have a tremendous flair for. That interest has taken me on all kinds of adventures: setting up an experiment in a seedy hotel room in Seattle where I put an EEG machine on a bunch of volunteers and recorded their brainwaves while they had sex, building Arduino-based smart sex toys with sensors and programmable functions, developing sex toys that are guaranteed not to get the wearer off.

It's a lot of fun. (The English language has no word to describe the experience of watching a pierced, tattooed woman you've only just met have a huge, screaming orgasm, then pull off the electrodes for the EEG machine, roll over, and start talking about sex-based differences in brain activation during sexual arousal. It has no single word, but there are three: incredibly fucking hot.) The resolute application of technology to sex, while hardly new--stone dildos dating back thousands of years have been discovered by anthropologists--but the advent of the Information Age offers all kinds of potential new things to explore.

You'll find links to writeups of some of my prototypes above. Enjoy!