What is Sexual Informatics?

It's the collision of sex and information theory. Human sexuality is complex and wonderful and surprising and varied and messy. So very, very messy.

I've created these charts and diagrams as a sort of lighthearted, humorous attempt to bring order to the chaos that is the human sexual condition.

The Map of Non-Monogamy

This infographic is a chart of the various types of non-monogamous sexual relationships that people can have. It's become quite an Internet sensation, with writeups all over the Web, and has even been featured in academic lectures at CARAS, the Community Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities.

Types of Group Sex

Group sex is a lot of fun, but it comes in a wide array of different types. Threesomes? Orgies? Key parties? This graph attempts to show some of the overlaps between various types of group sex activities.

The Flowchart for Couples Looking for a Bisexual Woman

This tongue-in-cheek flowchart is a process for married couples who're looking for the legendary 'hot bi babe' to use to find 'their' third. Handy guides and simple yes/no questions help automate the search for the elusive Holy Grail of non-monogamy, the near-mythical unicorn who's willing to join an established couple, have sex with both of them, and love them both equally, while eschewing all other sexual contact.

The Map of the Lands of Human Sexuality

The first and largest of the sexual informatics projects I've created, this diagram represents a map of all the various forms and flavors of human sexual expression, from the mild to the bizarre. It's become so popular that it is now available as a poster and as an interactive Web site.

Statistical Analysis of Emails from a Porn Story on Literotica

I occasionally post fiction I've written on the Web site literotica.com. The most popular story I've written is a series about a non-consensual sexual relationship. Unsurprisingly, it's also the story that's generated the most emails from readers. A statistical analysis of 222 of those emails reveals some interesting and unexpected things.