About Franklin

What to say about me?

Hmm, where to start? Okay: Let's start with the fact that I'm pierced, tattooed, kinky, and polyamorous; I take pictures, spin fire, and dabble in electronics; and I've been known to blow up donuts.

Work and Play

I am a writer, a computer programmer, and a sex educator and activist.

I have coauthored several very kinky far-future, post-scarcity erotic science fiction novels in the Passionate Pantheon series with Eunice Hung, including The Brazen Altar (Luminastra Press, May 2021), the book too hot for Amazon (seriously, they banned it for "erotic content"), Divine Burdens (Luminastra Press, October 2021), The Hallowed Covenant (Luminastra Press, May 2022), and Ecstatic Communion (Luminastra Press, January 2023).


I am coauthor of the books More Than Two: A practical guide to ethical polyamory and Black Iron, a quasi-sorta-steampunk novel of humorous treachery and conspiracy set in an alternate 19th-century London with airships and undead; and author of The Game Changer: A memoir of disruptive love.


I am a serial entrepreneur and own or co-own several businesses, including Tacit Assumptions, the parent company of Symtoys and maker of the sex game Onyx; and Tacit Pleasures, a tech startup investigating ways to use nonsurgical neural stimulation to assist trans* people in having the experience of a body that matches their sexual identity. I speak at conferences and events about polyamory, ethics, BDSM, and human sexuality.

I've been a computer hacker since the late 1970's, when I got my first TRS-80 Model I (and a 300 baud modem!).

Sex Toys

I design and make bizarre silicone sex toys and write tutorials on making your own custom sex toys using downloadable 3D printable molds, using a 3D modeling program for the design work, a 3D printer to make molds, and body-safe platinum-cure silicone to pour the toy. Many of the sex toys have a tentacle theme, like the double-ended, double-squirting ejaculating tentacle gag. I've also made a kazoo ball gag that turns every sound into a "honk!", a pumpy dildo with a handle for twisting, and a hiphugger strapon loosely inspired by the xenomorph facehugger from Alien.



Not shown: A butt plug inspired by the shape of the Escherichia virus T4 bacteriophage; a squirting tentacle panel gag; an alien ovipositor; and so very much more.


I co-produce The Skeptical Pervert, an educational podcast that looks at sex and sexuality from a rational, empirical, evidence-based perspective. You can find it on Libsyn, Apple Podcasts, or your podcatcher of choice!

The Skeptical Pervert Podcast

Religion and Philosophy

I'm an atheist, which means I have never seen any compelling reason to believe that there is a god or gods running around taking an interest in human activities, and I don't make a habit of believing things without some sort of reason to suppose that they are true.

I am a transhumanist. I believe that the universe operates according to principles which are knowable, observable, and comprehensible; and that rational and analytical thought, combined with experimentation and empirical observation, are tools with which those fundamental principles can be understood. I believe that constantly challenging ideas, including these ideas, is a necessary and vital part of understanding the natural world, and that those who do not challenge their own ideas are fundamentally and fatally handicapped in their ability to progress.

Home Life

I am a BDSM switch (a who what? Visit my BDSM page if that doesn't make sense to you) and polyamorous.

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