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Vol II Issue 4 Cover
Volume II, Issue 4
  • Editorial: "Security" by Franklin Veaux
    The unspoken reason the government wants more authority to fight terrorism
  • Poetry: "Paid Time Off" by Cheryl Townsend
  • Fiction: "Jamie's Got a Gun" by Cheryl Townsend
  • Poetry: "He Crawled" by Cheryl Townsend
  • Fiction: "New Jerusalem" by Jay Lyte
  • Fiction: "Official Sport of the North American Shaman" by Benjamain Jared Gilton
  • Poetry: "Parasite Lover" by Dawn M. Wincentsen
  • Fiction: "Centerfolds for Dummies" by Charles Cairns
  • Poetry: "Angry Fuck" by Marie Kazalia
  • Fiction: "One Man Tango, No More" by Linzee Wagner
  • Poetry: "Autarkis" by Holly Day
  • Poetry: "Some Babies Know" by Holly Day
  • Fiction: "Indignities" by Vanitha Sankaran
  • Fiction: "Coming Off Coke with a Spider and a Gun" by Vanitha Sankaran
  • Poetry: "Without a Sound" by Peter Magliocco
  • Poetry: "Moorings" by Peter Magliocco
  • Fiction: "Chase" by Kiad
  • Artwork and Photography by Daniel Green, Cheryl Townsend, Claudio Parentela, Dorian, Franklin Veaux, David Powell, Andrea Longo, Haje Jan Kamps, Autumn Palumbo, and Karl Johnsen.

Vol II Issue 3 Cover
Volume II, Issue 3
  • Poetry: "Storm" by Violet Jones
  • Poetry: "Lonely Rain" by Amy Jo Brandsetter
  • Fiction: "Maybe God will Cover Up His Eyes" by Linzee Wagner
    Mister self-destruct...
  • Poetry: "Blur" by Holly Day
  • Poetry: "Mrs. K" by Holly Day
  • Fiction: "Quoth the Cheese Puff" by Stepan Chapman
  • Fiction: "Flinch" by David J. Rodger
  • Fiction: "The Infant Vending Machine" by Carlton Mellick III
  • Poetry: "A Poet Friend of Mine" by P. M.
  • Fiction: "Nevermore" by Troy Place
  • Poetry: "Letting It Go" by Thomas Fitzgerald
  • Artwork and Photography by Ray Worley, John Birkbeck, Sandy Nys, A. Kattaryna Breaux, tmvg, and Franklin Veaux.
Vol II Issue 2 Cover
Volume II, Issue 2
  • Editorial: "Why I Hate John Wayne" by Franklin
    The myth, the legend, the jerk. In his own words.
  • Poetry: "Winter's Fire" by MJP
  • Fiction: "Dime Store Mask" by Thomas Goomis
  • Fiction: "untitled" by Bob Gouge
    Women can drive you to do the damndest things...
  • Fiction: "Decadence" by Sean Casey
  • Poetry: "The Whipcord Woman" by John Birkbeck
  • Fiction: "Illinois" by Preston Heller
  • Poetry: "Tipper Lake" by Paul Weinman
  • Fiction: "The True Children of the Buddha in Brooklyn #14" by Charles Chaim Wax
  • Essay: "A Mysterious Mystique" by Mario Acevedo
  • Poetry: "Untitled" by Scarlete Morgan

Vol II Issue 1 Cover
Volume II, Issue 1
  • Editorial: "Why I Hate Star Trek" by Franklin
  • Poetry: "That Tattered Old Picture of Mary" by Vincent Johnson
  • Fiction: "Beast Hunting" by Grant Balfour
  • Fiction: "Slayer of Angels" by Paul Crumrine
  • Fiction: "Alone" by Thomas Goomis
  • Poetry: "In Between Lovers" by Shelley Bohn
  • Poetry: "Strange Departure" by Jim DeWitt
  • Poetry: "Liars" by Ellery Sorkin
    It's amazing, isn't it, what people will say after they're caught red-handed!
  • Poetry: "Suitcase" by Moshe Benarroch
    Words like "political turmoil" never really capture the human element.
  • Photography by Danielle, Franklin Veaux, Andrea Longo, A.F., and Morris Trenteseux.
  • Artwork by Chad Savage

Vol I Issue 4 Cover
Volume I, Issue 4
  • Editorial: "Us vs. Them" by Franklin
  • Interview: John Varley
    Hollywood, science fiction, and driving waaaay too fast.
  • Fiction: "The Stiff and the Stile" by Stepan Chapman
  • Fiction: "So Silky" by Ben Omhart
  • Poetry: "My Dog" by Robert Burns
    Whore! Whore! Whore! You DOG HATERS!
  • Fiction: "Karma" by Sean Casey
  • Fiction: "The Sandcastle King" by MJP
  • Poetry: "Untitled" by Peter Mosseau
  • The Xero Personality Quiz
  • Photography by Danielle, Franklin Veaux, Andrea Longo

Vol I Issue 3 Cover
Volume I, Issue 3
  • Editorial: The Politics of Women by Franklin
    When feminists and right-wing zealots agree, reason goes right out the window!
  • Interview: William Gibson
  • Fiction: "Scheherazarr" by Stepan Chapman
  • Fiction: "Insanity" by Sean Casey
  • Fiction: "Shadows" by Thomas Hamill
    The shadows in people's minds persist long after the shadows on the ground have passed.
  • Fiction: "State Contends" by Ben Omhart
  • Fiction: "The Education of Klaus" by MJP
  • Fiction: "White Boy Beer" by Paul Weinman
  • Pictorial: "Red Boy Kill" by ER
  • Poetry: ABC's of Affection by Paul Weinman
  • Poetry: Honeymoon by Colin James
  • Poetry: Shadow Boxer by John Grey
  • Photography: Andrea Longo, Franklin Veaux, Suzanne Green
  • Artwork: Joe Tsambiras, ER, Tony Mazzullo

Vol I Issue 2 Cover
Volume I, Issue 2
  • Editorial: Why I Hate the Internet by Franklin
    A rant about the Internet, with more outbound links than you can shake a stick at.
  • Fiction: "Roy Wilbur Meets Jesus on the Interstate" by Paul Crumrine
  • Fiction: "Hypnotized by the Blue Light" by Sean Casey
  • Fiction: "Loneliness and the Seven Colors of the Visible Spectrum" by MJP
  • Fiction: "A Work of Art" by Michael Booty
  • Poetry: The Last Flower by Kimberly Sharpe
  • Poetry: Thanks for the Mammaries by Wayne Totin
  • Poetry: Jesus Drives by Sean Casey
    The Savior opens it up on the interstate
  • Photography: Andrea Longo, Suzanne Green, Franklin Veaux, Lorraine Dempsey
  • Artwork: Jimmy Chin, DJ, Tony Mazzullo, B. Woodside, Franklin

Vol I Issue 1 Cover
Volume I, Issue 1
  • Fiction: "Paying Off Elsinore" by Jo Davidsmeyer
  • Fiction: "Return to Splendor" by Sean Casey
  • Fiction: "Six Apparitions of JFK in an Airport" by MJP
  • Fiction: "Recondite Directives" by Watts Martin
  • Photography: Franklin, Lorraine Dempsey, Craig Cole
  • Artwork: Karl Johnson, Neil Gobioff, Tony Mazzullo

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