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Prompt: Start a story with “Just because we had sex doesn't mean.”

It seemed the two characters from the first prompt in this series likely ended up in bed with one another, so I revisited them for this little vignette.

“Just because we had sex doesn’t mean I need to know all your innermost secrets,” she said.

“What makes you think I’m going to reveal all my innermost secrets?”

Amusement sparkled in her eyes. She trailed her fingers over his chest. “You have that look about you. When you’ve entertained as many lovers as I have, you learn to recognize it. For some people, sex opens the doorway to the heart.” She traced an outline of a heart on his chest. “You strike me as the type.”

He sat up, grinning. “Ah, you’ve got me all figured out, then.”

“Perhaps. Am I wrong?”

He ran his hands up her arms. Goosebumps followed in their wake. “What about you? Do you ever feel the urge to reveal your innermost self in post-coital bliss?”

“Sometimes. When I do, I take that urge out behind the chemical shed and shoot it.”

“Well, there’s an image to shatter a mood.”

“Really? Not a fan of mixing violence with your sex?” She leaned forward and took his lower lip in her teeth. A small, throaty growl escaped her.

“Careful, darling.” He slid a hand up her back “You’re opening up.” He took a handful of her thick black hair and yanked. She giggled, eyes glassy. “You don’t always need words to reveal your secrets.”

Her eyes cleared. “Well played! You just learned something about me.”

“Two things, really.”

“Oh?” She arched an immaculately groomed eyebrow. “What’s the second?”

“This is a game to you.”

She laughed a rich, throaty laugh. “Oh, bravo! And you’re winning, two love.”

“I thought you didn’t believe in love.”

“In tennis, love means nothing.”

“Touché.” He brushed her lips with his fingers. She draped her arms over his shoulders. “What do you believe in, then?” he went on.

“Tsk.” She shook her head, then kissed him, her lips feather-light on his. “You must think I’m in the grip of some pretty heavy post-coital bliss if I’m to fall for such a clumsy maneuver.”

“Well, to be fair, that was pretty blissful.”

“Aye, it was at that.”

“Shall we go again?”

“Oh, look at you!” she said. “Can’t get enough of me?” Her eyes flicked downward. “Goodness. You really can’t get enough of me!”

“Well, in my own defense, have you seen you? You’re pretty magnificent.”

“Oh, you flatterer. Do you imagine I’m soluble in a solution of praise?”

“No, just stating the facts as they stand.”

“Ah.” She nodded. “I am, aren’t I?”


They moved together for a time. When they’d finished, a sheen of sweat filmed their bodies. “I’m almost disappointed, you know,” she said.

“Really? Well, then, allow me to make it up to you! I’ll try harder this time.”

“My, you are insatiable! But no, I mean about your secrets. Who knows what secrets lurk in there?” She ran her fingers through his hair.

“Nothing terribly interesting, I’m afraid. Certainly nothing you could blackmail me with. Though that does give me an idea. Maybe we could pretend—”

She laughed again. “Two one.”

“Blast. Well, I am still ahead.”

“Two all.”


“You like to win.”

“Okay, fair. But still—“

His eyelids fluttered as she lowered herself onto him. “Three two,” she murmured as she rode him.

“How do you figure that?”

“Competition arouses you.”

“Bloody hell. You’re good.”

“I know.” She moved faster. “Now let me show you some real post-coital bliss.”